How to Grow Church From 0 to Thousands

The simple strategies to grow your church from zero to thousands in the first 12 months and grow it every year to spread the gospel

Over 156 Church Leaders has taken this course in the Last 18 Months

What makes this Process Standout from other?

(1) Grow Your Church From Zero

(2) Grow Church Finance within 6months

(3) Get a like minded Youth that is ready for God

(4) Know How the human mind works

(5) No1 Things you must do to Grow church Finance

(6) You get a job upon arrival and many more!

Another Interesting thing about this course is; We will keep updating it every month with different speakers who have been in ministries for years.

These are the well respected Church Pastors who have grow their church from non member to millions of members all over the world