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How to Permanently Move to Canada  Without Paying Any Agent Even if All You Have is Secondary School Certificate

Why You Need This Guide More Than Anything at This Present  Time

I told my friends and some of my subscribers sometimes ago
My Fear then is Now Becoming a Reality!!! One of the most scary things I said then is happening. I told them that I wished Nigerians do not get to a stage where we will be stocked in the country and unable to travel out for any kind of visit abroad…
When I said these then, it seem as though I was been cynical and trying to sell my market to them. BUT, just right in our eyes, the harsh reality is unfolding and the worst is yet to come regarding travels and tours.
This isn’t the fault of the citizen as much as is, the fault of the government because there’s little we can do about it asides from vote when it’s time and help to see ourselves out of the country. Just recently, Dubai lifted the ban on flights from Nigeria into their country and within 24hours of that proclamation, they blacklisted the country again.
Kenyan visa that use to be very easy for Nigerians recently now seem an herculean task to get. Imagine Kenyan’s saying: Is it a must to come to their country? If I may ask; what is so important about Kenya? Same as Ethiopia, Tanzania and very soon, if care is not taken, it will be hard for Nigerians to apply to any country again even Ghana there.
What’s the solution?
Pack your loads and leave NOW that you still have an opportunity to. Even if you have something very tangible to do in Nigeria, get the visa handy and be ready to move as the slightest mishap or opportunity.
The truth is; The rich ones are securing Visas and second passport for themselves and their family but you that has nothing and does not know anybody remains in the country as though it is your birth right. Breaking news: It is not your birth right. Every opportunity you have now, cease it and make good use of it. This is just me admonishing you. The final decision rest in your hand.
For Example;
See what is happening presently in this country. in 2015 if you go to the market with 10k to buy food for your family of 4 you will come back home with some cash after buying everything you want. Go to the market with 30k today to go and buy the same thing you bought in 2015 with 10k, I’m very sure your 30k will not be enough. You can try that tomorrow if you don’t believe me.
The country is not safe for anyone, even people with millions are not safe and that is why everyone is relocating to other countries

But We Have a Solution That Can Make You Move to Canada in 3-4 Months Even if All You Have is Your Secondary School Certificate

I’m 80% sure that you did not just land on this page, you have been my subscribers for some days now or a friend refereed you to this page. It’s possible you get to this page from Google search too.

Hey, my name is Oluwafemi Ezekiel.

I am not a travel agent or consultant.

But I can confidently show you exactly how to move to Canada in 3-4 months even when you don’t have a degree and when you don’t even pass IELTS. Get visa to the Canada Without spending a Kobo on any agent and you will be getting a job offer before leaving Nigeria

That is because Many Nigerians has used this same system to Relocate to Canada in the last 18 Months .

This is very possible because of the new and 100% safe way a Canadian Government Introduced to bring more workers to Canada  .

There are 4 Provinces that needs over 20 thousands workers in Canada every single year and this is why Canadian government make it open for everyone starting from secondary school certificate

I Want to Keep This Page Simple and Fast For You

The Visa Option I Am About To Show Is Probably the Easiest Way to Get Into the CANADA That You Have Ever Come Across

That is because…

  • You Don’t need to pass your IELTS before relocating to Canada
  • You Don’t need to have a Degree (It’s a bonus if you have one)
  • You don’t need access to finance or show any money in your bank account…
  • You don’t need a sponsor or sponsorship in anyway…
  • You don’t need to have family members in Canada
  • You don’t need to have anyone overseas to write you an Invitation letter to present in Embassy…
  • You get a job offers even before leaving Nigeria…
  • You can work legitimately and live in peace without always watching your back like the other visas…
  • You will not be stranded when you get to Canada because your accommodation will be 100% settled by your employer before leaving your country 
  • And many more….

Agents & Consultants will charge between $4500 – $7000 for information like this. They will not even give you because they want to continue taking your money every year without giving you a Visa

In this Guide, I will be showing you step by step how you can move to Canada in 3-4 Months the same way  over 75 Nigerian did their own, all you will be needing is your READINESS  (I will explain all this in the guide to you)

When You Get This Canada Relocate Secrets Guide Today, You Are Going to Discover:

  • The Secret Way to Move to Canada in 3-4 Months
  • Ten Ways to Increase Your CRS Score to make your Visa faster
  • How to Land Canadian job even before leaving Your Country 
  • The No1 Best Province that is seriously in need of foreigner (Canadian Government are seriously behind this)
  • How to get work permit and permanent Residency status before leaving your Country
  • How to get your education credential evaluated
  • The Top two international businesses to fund your Canadian Visa (This will make you over $2000 Monthly without stress)
  • And Many More

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